This support article contains guidelines and information for Brandon University Student Accounts across many of the BU campus and online computer services. 


BU Username - this is your Brandon University computer account name, used by the majority of the BU computer systems. Your BU Username will typically have parts of your name with a few numbers at the end of it. You will receive your BU Username when you perform the ClaimID process.

BU Password - this is the password on your account, associated with both your BU Username and Email Address. You will set the password you provide during the ClaimID process

BU Email Address - this is not your account name, but it will in be the following format: 'username' Please not that some BU systems do use your email address for login.

BU Student Number - For students, this is a 6-digit number that you receive you are enrolled with BU (######). This is not your account name or username, and not typically used for logins. However, please keep it on hand when contacting any BU departments for services or help.


Applying to BU:

For your first time applying at BU, The BU Admission Online Applications website requires you to enter a personal email address and create a password. The password you setup here will not be used with any other BU systems. If you are unable to login there, we suggest you click the "forgot my password" option and it will email you the password to be used. 

Claim your ID:

Once your application has been accepted, Claiming your BU ID is the first step to gaining your BU Username and setting your BU Password. View our support article on Claiming your BU ID here:

BU Students - ClaimID Process


The majority of Brandon University systems accept your BU Username and Password; they will fail if you try to use your BU email address when logging in:  

  • BU Student Information System  (BU course records, grade marks, tax receipts) - Click Here
  • BU Online Registration system - Click Here
  • BU Moodle - Click Here
  • BU Campus Student Lab Computers
  • BU Printing Release Stations 
  • BU_Wireless - W-Fi device onboarding
  • - BU Online Access location for certain course files (aka "S: drive")
  • Other BU-Managed systems

Some BU systems, however, will require you to enter your BU Email Address as your login name along with your BU Password ('username'  

WHENEVER UNSURE, please try using your BU Username and Password first when trying to access a BU-based computer system or online website.

BU Library Systems

  • If receiving a "Brandon University Proxy Authentication" page when using a BU Library website/system, please use your BU Username and Password 
  • If you are performing a search through the "Library Catalogue" system (also identified as "One Stop Search" or Primo by Ex Libris), please use your BU Email Address and Password
  • BU Interlibrary Loans requires a different set of login credentials from your BU username and password. Please contact for help accessing your Interlibrary Loan account.
  • If you choose to sign up for an account in any of the Library databases (Ebscohost, WorldCat, etc), you may need to create your own personally-managed username and password to register.  
    • These database login accounts are not connected or linked to the main Library or BU systems, so neither the Library, nor IT Services, will be able to assist you with forgotten passwords or other issues regarding these accounts.
    • A full list of third-party online Library Databases can be found here:  A-Z Databases (

Please reach out to if there are any further problems using systems outlined above.


  • invalid credentials - either you are using the wrong format of username, or the username or password are just incorrect.
  • not authorized or access denied - either your username is incorrect, or you haven't been given access to that program.
  • blank page - your Internet Browser's cache may need to be cleared. Or try a different browser.
  • bad request - your Internet Browser's cache may need to be cleared. Or try a different browser
  • "an attack was detected, originating from your system" - Contact the IT Helpdesk to have this issue resolved.


For instructions visit either  or