Remote Desktop - Windows 10 Access

These instructions allow certain BU users to remotely connect to their designated computers at the Brandon University network. This specific document references the means to do so through a Windows 10 computer that you are using at home.


  • You need to be running and connected to the BU VPN (aka FortiClient VPN) system first. Full instructions on setting up and using the BU VPN program can be found here: 
  • You will need to know the name of your BU computer that you are trying to connect to, please see steps later in the instructions on how to locate that information.
  • You also need to have your machine and account modified for Remote Desktop work, please contact the BU Help Desk to set up the necessary settings (be sure to inform us the name of the computer you are using).
  • Your BU computer (the one that you are trying to connect to) needs to be turned on, but not logged in with your account. But if you share the computer with anyone else, you need to make sure that no other users are also logging in, either remotely or directly at the computer itself.  


  1. Connect to the BU VPN with FortiClient (click the connect button in FortiClient)
  2. Reminder: your Power options "Sleep" must be changed to "Never". Please ask the Help Desk for assistance enabling this feature.
  3. To connect to your office computer from your personal computer/laptop (the device not on campus), find the Remote Desktop App.  To find the Remote Desktop App, on Windows 10, click the “Windows Icon”, then start typing “Remote Desktop Connection”

  4. Select “Remote Desktop Connection” app from the list

  5. In the “Computer” field type your office computer's name with "" (ex: (If you are not sure of the computer name of your office computer; while logged into your office computer, click the Windows Icon, then click Settings (gear icon), select System, then select About at the bottom of the list. The computer name will be listed on the right hand side of the screen beside Device Name.)

  6. Click “connect”

  7. If a screen pops up asking if you trust the computer, select the check box “don’t ask me again for connections to this computer”, then click “connect”

  8. You should see a screen “Initiating Remote Connection”

  9. The next screen will ask for your login credentials, first click Use a different account

  10. For your username type:  bu-ad\'username'  and for your password, type in your BU password

  11. Click “ok”.  If the credentials worked you should see your office desktop appear.  

Closing your BU Remote Desktop session 

To logout and end the remote session, click on the Windows button in the bottom left corner of the screen of your remote screen, click the person icon on the left side, and then click “Sign Out”. Avoid clicking on the blue X at the top of your remote screen to close the program, as it does not actually log you out.