The voicemail system can integrate with your email.

The system will forward the voice message to your email. It is currently not fully unified, but will be in the future, so please stay tuned for upcoming feature additions.

Please submit a service request to the helpdesk.

  • Go to to the Phone Support service request
  • Select "Forward Voicemail to Email"
  • Enter your extension and the email you want the voice messages to be forwarded to
  • Click "Place Request" in the top right corner

Once we have the request will make the changes to the system and then confirm that it is working with you.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Once Voicemail to Email integration is enabled, the forwarded voicemail messages will not remain on your phone. To have your phone return to handling voicemails directly, please submit another request using the same steps above, and indicating you would like to have voicemail to email integration disabled.

If you are having trouble accessing your voicemail or have forgotten your password please contact the Helpdesk.