No. Name Description
1 Beacon Light Displays Visual Alert for Incoming Calls and Voicemails
2 Phone Display Displays all phone information such as device status, soft keys, applications, and features
3 Line Keys Used to select corresponding on screen features
4 Soft Keys Use to select content specific actions
5, 7 Navigation Cluster Use to navigate and select phone screen options
6 Phone Key Used to display home screen of phone
8 Main Menu Used to list options, features, and applications settings
9 Contacts Displays your contacts
10 Recents Displays your call history (incoming and outgoing)
11 Voicemail Used to dial your voicemail
12 Headset Used to dial using a connected headset
13 Speaker Used to turn on/off speaker phone feature
14 Volume Used to Adjust Volume
15 Mute Used to Mute outgoing Audio