Please follow through these instructions If you have been advised by BU IT Services in regards to installing certain software applications on your BU Windows PC. 



Windows 10:  

1) In the windows search box, type Software Center” (without the quotes). Click on "Software Center" when it shows in the search results

2) The "Available Software" tab will give you a list of all available BU network software has been made available to the computer you are currently logged in to. This list may differ on a computer-by-computer basis.  

Please Note: the listing of available software does not automatically while you have the window open. To manually refresh the listing of available software, you can press the “F5” key at the top of your keyboard every few minutes to see if the listing changes. You can also close the Software Center window and try opening it again.

3. Please click on the desired software program in the list, and then click on the Install Button to start the install process.  The Status will turn to downloading and once the files are “downloaded”, the status will turn to “installing”.  The process will take about 5 minutes, but depends on the size of the application.  When it is done, the status will indicate “installed”.  

Once your software has been installed, you should see shortcut of the Software Name either placed on the desktop screen of icons, or within the Start Menu.



If you do not see the listing of the program you are trying to install:

- Please try restarting your computer

- Verify with BU IT Services that the PC name of the computer is correct (it may take a few hours for newly-advertised programs show up in the Applications list if BU IT Services just informed you the program is now advertised)

If the install fails:

- Try re-starting the install steps process

- Try restarting the entire computer, log back in again to the desktop, and try the install steps again, making sure to keep all other programs and applications closed during the install