Brandon University students are eligible to borrow Student Loaner Laptops, when available, for loan-out periods of two weeks.

  • Laptops, with both its hardware and software, are property of Brandon University 
  • Laptops will need to be picked up, and returned, directly in-person from the IT Helpdesk, located at the Brandon Campus Library. 
  • During loan pickup, Students must provide their BU current student card or a valid government ID with picture (driver’s license, passport).  Laptops are ineligible to be sent out, or picked up on another student's behalf.
  • We understand that accidents happen. Depending of circumstances, users may be held responsible for any damages to the laptop.
  • Failure to return the laptop may result in removal of future Library and IT loan privileges. A replacement charge may be applied to the user’s student account if a laptop is not returned.
  • Personal labels, stickers, decals are not to be applied to the laptop.
  • Laptop will only contain basic pre-loaded software, students will not be able to install custom software or add most hardware devices (USB drives are fine).  
  • These laptops cannot be utilized where specialized software installs are required for certain BU courses.
  • Brandon University is not responsible for any personal programs, software, documents or pictures downloaded/saved to the laptop.
  • Laptops are provided as-is, with no guarantee of support or working compatibility from BU IT Services.
  • If asked to return the laptop, you must do so as rationally soon as possible.

Requests can be submitted by students here:

Be sure to choose to 'Sign in With SSO", and use your BU email and account password.

Please try to schedule your booking at least a day ahead to ensure availability.

BU Student Laptop loans may be extended beyond the initial, via submitted loanout extensions to BU Library services every two weeks, but is subject to inventory availability. 



To Log In to a BU Student Loaner Laptop

1)  Connect the laptop to a Wi-Fi network (or a wired network connection if you have one).  Without a Wi-Fi connection or wired network, you will not be able to log in.   

To connect to another Wi-Fi network:  Click on the Globe icon with an X over it to view Wi-Fi networks in your area. Then click on the network of choice and enter a Wi-Fi password if required.

On Brandon University Campus grounds, it should be connected to "BU_Wireless".    

2) When logging in, Select "Other User", and use your BU email address (not just your BU username), along with your BU account password.**

** DO NOT USE THE "GUEST" USER ACCOUNT - It is a single-use access means for special purposes.  If you log in using Guest, any actions, including saving files to the desktop or other folders, will be erased and lost once it is logged out. Logging in with your BU account is the only way for you to access your files and make sure you do not lose work.

You will have the following apps for use

Microsoft Office 365:  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher, OneNote

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft OneDrive 

Internet Browsers:  Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox 




Can't log in - use you BU email address and password.  Make sure the Wi-Fi is turned on (when clicking on the network icon, the Wi-Fi option box should be blue to indicate Wi-Fi is turned on).  Make sure you are connected to a working wi-fi or wired network.

Not Your User account - ensure you did not log in as Guest. Restart the laptop and try signing in again.