This guide provides steps for BU Staff Accounts multifactor authentication (MFA) set up for additional security protections

As of November 2022, all BU Staff Accounts will be required to be enrolled

If you are a BU Student and are looking for MFA info, please refer to this support article: Student MFA (Azure MFA) : Brandon University 


  • Your BU User Account will need a new password, that has a minimum of 15 characters in length (all other BU password rules still apply). 

  • There may be certain other elements that may affect how you enroll into DUO MFA.  Please read through the 'Troubleshooting' section at the bottom of this guide, to see if any those elements impacts you.

After reviewing the above, contact BU HelpDesk to request enrollment, and please inform us of the following:

  • That your BU account password has met the required character length
  • Specify what device method you will be using for DUO (select one from below):
    • 'DUO Mobile' Smart Phone app (mandatory if you utilize the BU VPN software app) 
    • Cell Phone text messaging (aka SMS)
    • Phone Call contact (either by landline or cell phone number)
    • TouchID (MacBook Users Only)
    • Hardware Token


When you receive the DUO setup prompt, you will have a couple of steps to perform depending on your chosen method:

DUO Mobile Smart Phone App

  • Download the 'DUO Mobile' app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. on your smartphone
  • Open the BU DUO Device Management Portal, on a device OTHER than the smartphone you are intending to use
  • Login with your BU account username and password
  • Select the Option to Add a Device
  • Enter your device's phone Number
  • Select what type of smartphone OS you have and click next
  • With the DUO app installed on your phone, open it and choose "Scan with QR Code"
  • Follow through with the remaining instructions.

Cell Phone SMS Text Messaging

  • Go to the BU DUO Device Management Portal
  • Login with your BU account username and password
  • Select Mobile Device
  • Enter your device's phone Number
  • On the following screen, select "Other (and cell phones)", do not select iPhones or Android


For more information on enrolling your device, please visit Duo's Enrollment Support Page.


Once you have setup your DUO Enrollment, you will start seeing MFA prompts when using accessing several services at BU. 

Please see here for more information on its use:  DUO - USING MFA


  • If you cannot locate the 'DUO Mobile' app when searching on the on your smartphone's app store, your smartphone's operating system may be out of date. Google and Apple app stores only allow you to view and install apps that are supported for your phone. You will need either update your phone's software, or try using another smartphone device with a more recent operating system version.
    • iOS devices (iPhones, iPads) =  must be iOS version 12.0 or higher
    • Android Devices (Google, Samsung, Sony, etc) =  must be Android OS 8.0 or higher

  • If you rely on or use the BU "FortiClient VPN" software in any capacity, you will be required to use the 'DUO Mobile' app method or a Hardware Token for DUO MFA. The BU VPN system has a limitation that prohibits DUO from verifying users using SMS text messaging or calling a number.