This support article outlines how BU Students, Alumni, and Retirees can utilize Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to make their accounts more secure when accessing Office 365.  

All BU Students, Alumni and Retiree Accounts are required to set up MFA on their account.

For BU Staff and Faculty looking for MFA info, please refer to this support article: BU MultiFactor - Enrolling in MFA (DUO) : Brandon University 


The primary means for having MultiFactor Authentication on your account is that no one other than yourself can log in, since you will need to perform two steps when logging in to things like Office 365 and BU Webmail. 

Setting Up MFA

To use MFA, you are required to setup a secondary-factor of authentication in your BU Office365 portal. And to have MFA added to your account, please email or call 204-571-8500, and ask to be enabled for MFA..

When you are enrolled in MFA you will be prompted to configure it during your next login The guide on how to do so is here:

Options as your secondary-factor are:

  • Recommended:
    • Microsoft Authenticator App for smartphones and tablets (Most Secure)
    • SMS/Text Message (Quicker to setup and easier to manage)
  • Also available:
    • Phone Call

You can configure your second factor of authentication prior to registering for MFA or at the time of registration. Steps to setup your extra security on your account are outlined in this support article:

Behavior of MFA

Once you have completed your MFA setup, you will be prompted by BU Office365 Systems to provide your second factor of authentication when trying to log in. Based on what secondary-factor method you selected, it will then be required whenever you access these portals:  

During the sign-in process you will have the option to reduce frequency of MFA prompts.

  • All you need to do is to check the box below during the login process to not be prompted for MFA for the next 14 days.

If you have setup MFA but do not have access to your device, please contact the BU Helpdesk at or 204-571-8500

** Did you know that setting up additional features on your account will also grant you access to the Self-Service Password Reset Portal? **

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