BU Student Account Password Recovery is used to personally recover your password in the situation that you have forgotten your old password or are unable to sign in with your password.

  • **Before following these steps, you must already know your BU Student login info before you can configure your password recovery profile**

  • If you have already finished this setup and forgot your password see our Password Reset guide.

  • If you simply want to change your password see our Password change guide.

Password Recovery Setup:

1) First open an internet browser and visit https://portal.brandonu.ca 

2) Enter your BU email address and password and click "Sign In"

3) Click on your Profile Name/icon (1) in the top right corner and choose "My Account (2)

4) On the next screen choose Security info

5) Confirm your current password again at this point if required.

6) Now you'll be presented with the choices of adding a method for recovering your password. 

You will be asked to choose a method as shown below. You can choose to setup and use either just one of these options, or all options. 

It will ask you to confirm that it is working by receiving a code via email or text. 


If you were to return to this page at a later time, then you can change the information. 

Note: The next time you return to this page you may be asked to confirm access by the Authenticator App or by mobile phone (if you setup either of those previously)

You are finished the BU Student Account setup for password resets!