Using the BU Student Password Recovery utility

**NOTE** To make use of this tool, you must have already configured your BU Password Recovery profile. See our Password Recovery Setup guide for more information.  Then you may begin using the tool to reset or change your password. 

If you still know your old password and it is working, then you can also just change it by following our Password Change guide.

To get started with the recovery process visit this website:


2) Enter your BU email address and the code it asks for to continue.


3) Choose "I forgot my password" and click "Next".


4) Select the means on how to verify the request, and follow through the steps. It will then ask you to enter in a verification code which you will receive on your selected choice


5) Chose your new password. Make sure that it meets all of our password requirements:

> At least 8 Characters in length

> Must have at least one of each type of each character within (Uppercase Letter, lowercase letter, number, and symbol)

> Cannot be your previous password

> Cannot contain any part of your name or your birthdate within the new password


6) You are done! You should receive a notification that your password has been changed.