With the BU IP (AKA Avaya) phone system, your phone account and extension number technically have two passwords associated with it. They are separate, unique passwords.

  • Extension Password - This password is bound to your phone extension number, and used to 'join' your phone extension number to a physical desk phone, which is covered within this guide. 
  • Voicemail Password - This password is associated to your phone extension, but is only used for accessing voicemail messages. Your extension's voicemail password is NOT your extension password, and vice versa. 

With the combination of your phone Extension Number and Extension Password, the phone system on-campus allows you to log out & log in to the physical desk phone, just the same as if logging in to a computer. Logging into a phone with your extension puts your extension on that phone, until you log out. This ability to 'move' your extension from one phone to another removes the need to physically move the desk phone when moving offices or changing locations on-campus.


How to log out of your phone

  • Press Menu button (  )
  • Select Applications
  • Select Log Out
  • You are now logged out of that desk phone.

For Button Layout please refer to this support Article:


How to log in to your extension 

(Phone needs to be at login screen seen below, your phone/screen may look different. To log out of the phone, refer to the steps above)

  • Enter your 3 digit extension number (the last three digits of your phone number)
  • Press down
  • Enter your extension password (given to you by IT)
  • Press Login


If you are having trouble logging into your phone, or forgotten your extension password, please contact the Helpdesk.